It's official... of the 24th of November, I am officially a cryptic crossword setter for the Telegraph!

It feels so surreal, but awesome :) 

How did it happen?

If you haven't checked out my original crossword on here- under the "Crosswords" tab- you totally should! 

I shared this crossword to my Twitter page and received some really great, thorough feedback & ways to improve, which I am very thankful for. 

One of the people who ended up solving the crossword was Chris Lancaster, the Puzzles and Crossword Editor for the Telegraph. It was from this that he got in contact with me, and asked if I would like to submit an original crossword which, if up to the standards, could be published in the paper. 

I was so excited when I received the email, and almost in disbelief! Setting cryptic crosswords professionally was something I had only dreamed about until that point, with the strong belief that I would never get the chance to, or that I wouldn't be up to scratch. However, Chris liked the crossword which I submitted to him, and... well, here we are! 

Feedback- did you enjoy it?

If you didn't manage to buy the paper on the 24th and attempt the crosswords, you can access them on the Telegraph Puzzles website (they are Cryptic #28,905 and Quick #28,905)

If you would like to give me some feedback on the puzzle, you can use Big Dave's blog on which I read all of the replies, or alternatively send me an email at

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, whether positive or negative (though if it is negative, please try to make it constructive! That way I can learn how to improve and try and create the best crosswords I can) 

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and solving my clues, I appreciate it so much and I wouldn't be where I am without you all. Here's to many more crosswords! 

- Navy :)