Let me introduce myself...

Hello! I'm Lucy Evans, a.k.a Navy. I'm a 16 year old cruciverbalist with a lot to say and a lot to share with the world!

"Cruciverbalist who solves navy clues (8)"

The clue above was created for me by the person who introduced me to cryptic crosswords. That was only 4 months ago, at the time of writing this. (Yes, I could definitely be considered a "newbie"... that is why I really appreciate any support and feedback people give to me- it is so thoughtful and so helpful, and means I can continue to improve!)

Read on to find out a little bit more about me....

Cryptic Crossword-ing

I am completely, undoubtedly addicted to cryptic crosswords. Many of you reading this will already know, as I do make it very obvious, what with my constant talking and obsessing about cryptic crosswords.

Whether I am chatting on my Twitter (@navy_clues) to fellow cruciverbalists, posting clues online, setting my own crosswords or solving the day's puzzles, I can always find immense joy through cryptics. 

One of my biggest dreams is to get myself out into the world of cryptic crosswords, and get just one of my crosswords published in a local newspaper. I am always seeking ways to improve and to grow as a setter, and always thoroughly enjoy setting my crosswords. There is just something so wonderfully satisfying to finish filling in the grid, clueing all the words, and checking for mistakes (which I too frequently forget to do!). To just sit back and have finally finished, and to feel happy with what you have created. Then, to see real people solving it and coming to me to give honest feedback and positive responses. 

I fully believe that cryptic crosswords are a huge part of who I am, and I have discovered a lot through them. One of those things is confidence in myself. Also, I discovered a whole new way of thinking- laterally - and have found a passion for solving puzzles and learning something new everyday through it.

Though cryptic crosswords are a massive part of my life, there are lots of other things about me that also make me who I am... 

My Other Interests

I am a logophile, and love language and words in many ways. I have a large interest in etymology and how language has developed over time, how words become obsolete and how new ones appear and start to make their way into mainstream speech. I also have a passion for learning foreign languages.

I am obsessed with French, which I am taking on at A-level and possibly (hopefully) further! I received my British Sign Language Level 1 qualification this year, which I am very happy about as it means I can try to communicate with those who are D/deaf or hard-of-hearing in a way they are comfortable with. I'm also hoping to learn Italian in the future, as I fell in love with the language not too long ago. 

I'm an avid user of the Oxford comma, a "blue-sky thinker", and I apologise in advance for my slight pedantry! (Ironic, considering I make plenty of mistakes myself) 

As well as language, I have always loved science, with Biology being a subject I really enjoy, and another possible route for me in the future. I also love music, especially 'Electric Light Orchestra', to whom I listen to everyday and whose lyrics and songs I connect with a lot. If you follow my Twitter, you will know I'm frequently tweeting about ELO and sharing their songs. I love a whole range of other artists too, mainly from the 70s and 80s (so if you have any song suggestions don't hesitate to tweet them at me!).

The only thing left to say about myself is how very grateful I am of everyone who supports me. You are the reason I am here, writing this blog post, posting my cryptic crosswords for all to solve. If you would like to follow me, or get in contact with me via email, you can check out the 'Contact' page for my details. 

I wish you all well, and hope you all enjoy my website and my crosswords. Thank you all, for just being here, reading this. And a massive thank you if you continue to support me and share what I do! 

Have a look around the website, I'll be updating it when I can with new cryptic crosswords and blog posts. Unfortunately, I can foresee life getting in the way a bit as I am just about to start a new chapter of my life, in Sixth Form, so although I intend to have a fairly regular schedule, I will not be posting at a specific time / on a specific day necessarily. So, make sure you look out for updates on my Twitter and visit the website often to check when new stuff appears!

-  Navy :)